About Heritage Systems

Our Beginning

Heritage Systems Corporation was formed in 1980 to develop embedded systems for machine control and video displays. By 1990 we had successfully developed and deployed several technologies that were precursors to what are now ubiquitous in the consumer, business and industrial worlds.

We developed a high-speed serial communications network for peripherals at 1Mbps, later to be usurped by the 12Mbps USB standard. We implemented a self configuring network which was a very early attempt at plug and play. Our graphic display controllers allowed a central computer to display on multiple screens in diverse locations.

Our Transition

As the hardware world became commoditized by the late 1990’s Heritage Systems exited the hardware arena to focus on software. By 1996 we were on the web and haven’t looked back since.

By 1993 we started work with Microsoft Windows NT 3.1 and have been working with the platform ever since. Our development skills with Windows XP (Windows NT 5.1) qualified us in 2004 as a Microsoft Certified Partner.

As a natural outgrowth of our display and software background, we began working with audio and video manipulation, compression, and delivery.